Graduate Program in Philosophy


Welcome to the Graduate Program in Philosophy at York University. We specialize in a number of research areas, including:

  • Ethics, political philosophy and philosophy of law
  • Philosophy of cognitive science, mind and language
  • History of 19th and 20th century philosophy
  • Philosophy of science and epistemology
  • The Graduate Program in Philosophy offers rigorous training for MA students to prepare them to be strong candidates for admission into PhD programs, and supports PhD students in developing a professional research profile.
  • Philosophers in the Graduate Program rely on traditional and interdisciplinary methods, taking empirical, conceptual, and applied approaches. They also engage in ongoing discourse with researchers in other disciplines, including law, psychology, neuroscience, and healthcare.
  • Graduate students in the Graduate Program are an integral part of a lively philosophical community, hosting their own annual conference as well as regular philosophical and social events. They also take an active role in the two speakers series that are hosted by the Program: the Philosophy Speaker Series and the Cognitive Science Speaker Series.
  • PhD students may complement their training with graduate diplomas, including the  Diploma in Value Theory & Applied Ethics and the Neuroscience Graduate Diploma.
  • PhD students are supported in their career prospects through the Philosophy Placement Program.