Faculty Members

composite photo with some Philosophy faculty members

photo of Kristin AndrewsKristin Andrews

(Ph.D., Minnesota)
York Research Chair in Animal Minds, Associate Professor

Email: andrewsk@yorku.ca
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Philosophy of psychology, with a focus on folk psychology, animal cognition, and methodologies in cognitive psychology


photo of jacob beckJacob Beck

(Ph.D., Harvard)
Associate Professor

Email: jbeck@yorku.ca
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Philosophy of cognitive science and philosophy of mind, especially issues concerning mental representation


photo of Idil BoranIdil Boran

(Ph.D., Queen’s)
Associate Professor

Email: iboran@yorku.ca
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Ethics, applied ethics, political philosophy, philosophy and public policy, with special focus on issues in climate change, business ethics, distributive justice, and international relations


photo of Christopher CampbellChristopher Campbell

(Ph.D., Pittsburgh)
Chair, Department of Philosophy at Glendon College, Associate Professor

Email: ccampbell@glendon.yorku.ca

Philosophy of logic and language, the history of analytic philosophy, Wittgenstein


photo of Andrée-Anne CormierAndrée-Anne Cormier

(PhD, Montréal)
Assistant Professor

Email: cormiera@yorku.ca

Moral and political philosophy, applied ethics, philosophy of education


photo of Susan DimockSusan Dimock

(Ph.D., Dalhousie)

Email: dimock@yorku.ca
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Theoretical and practical ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of law, punishment theory, early modern history of philosophy


photo of Michael GiudiceMichael Giudice

(Ph.D., McMaster)
Associate Professor

Email: giudice@yorku.ca
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Legal philosophy and associated areas in political and moral theory


photo of Joseph GondaJoseph Gonda

(Ph.D., Penn. State)

Email: jgonda@glendon.yorku.ca

History of philosophy, existentialism, aesthetics, history of science, hermeneutics, early modern and ancient philosophy


Verena Gottschling

(Ph.D., Mainz)
Cognitive Science Program Director, Associate Professor

Email: vgott@yorku.ca
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Philosophy of psychology, philosophy of cognitive science, with a focus on mindreading, emotion, decision making, mental representation, and cognitive architecture


photo of Jagdish HattiangadiJagdish Hattiangadi

(Ph.D., Princeton)

Email: jagdish@yorku.ca
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Philosophy of science, history of ideas, philosophy of language, and epistemology and metaphysics


photo of Louis-Philippe HodgsonLouis-Philippe Hodgson

(Ph.D., Harvard)
Associate Professor

Email: lhodgson@glendon.yorku.ca
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Moral and political philosophy, Kant's practical philosophy, philosophy of law, history of moral and political philosophy, especially social contract theory


photo of Henry JackmanHenry Jackman

(Ph.D., Pittsburgh)
Associate Professor

Email: hjackman@yorku.ca
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Philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, epistemology, American pragmatism



David A. Jopling

(D.Phil., Oxford)

Email: jopling@yorku.ca
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Philosophy of clinical psychology and psychiatry, philosophy of mind, early modern philosophy, human evolution and origins of human cognition


photo of Muhammad KhalidiMuhammad Ali Khalidi

(Ph.D., Columbia)

Email: khalidi@yorku.ca
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Philosophy of mind and language, philosophy of science (especially cognitive science), medieval Arab-Islamic philosophy


photo of Kevin LandeKevin Lande

(Ph.D., California–Los Angeles)

Email: lande@yorku.ca
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Philosophy of cognitive science and philosophy of mind, with a focus on perception, mental representation, and intentionality.


photo of Alice MacLachlanAlice MacLachlan

(Ph.D., Boston University)
Graduate Program Director, Associate Professor

Email: amacla@yorku.ca
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Feminist philosophy, theoretical and applied ethics (with a focus on virtue ethics, moral psychology, and feminist approaches), social and political philosophy


photo of Dan McArthurDan McArthur

(Ph.D., Ottawa)
Associate Professor

Email: djmc@yorku.ca
Web Page

Philosophy of science (especially philosophy of physics, philosophical naturalism and the realism debate), history of analytic philosophy (especially logical empiricism), ethics (especially applied rational choice theory and ethics and technology)


Photo of Esteve MoreraEsteve Morera

(Ph.D., Toronto)
Associate Professor

Email: morera@yorku.ca
Web Page

Philosophy of history, social and political philosophy, Marxism, Antonio Gramsci, and  African philosophy


photo of Georges MoyalGeorges Moyal

(Ph.D., Toronto)

Email: moyal@glendon@yorku.ca

Early modern philosophy (particularly Descartes and Locke),  ancient Greek philosophy


photo of Robert MyersRobert Myers

(Ph.D., Berkeley)

Email: rmyers@yorku.ca
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Theoretical ethics, related issues in epistemology and the philosophy of action, and political philosophy


photo of Judy PelhamJudy Pelham

(Ph.D., Toronto)
Associate Professor

Email: pelham@yorku.ca
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Logic, the history and philosophy of logic, and the early work of Bertrand Russell


photo of Francois Tanguay-RenaudFrancois Tanguay-Renaud

(D.Phil, Oxford)
Associate Professor

Email: FTanguay-Renaud@osgoode.yorku.ca
Web Page

Philosophy of criminal law, constitutional theory, jurisprudence, associated areas of moral and political philosophy with a focus on emergencies, self-defence and punishment theory, and questions of group and state responsibility and blame


photo of Stanley TweymanStanley Tweyman

(Ph.D., Toronto)

Email: stweyman@yorku.ca
Web Page

Early modern philosophy, particularly Descartes and Hume,  Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, and Epistemology


headshot photo of Claudine VerheggenClaudine Verheggen

(Ph.D., Berkeley)

Email: cverheg@yorku.ca
Web Page

Philosophy of language and related issues in philosophy of Mind, epistemology and metaphysics, Wittgenstein and Davidson


photo of Jim VernonJim Vernon

(Ph.D, Guelph)
Associate Professor

Email: jvernon@yorku.ca
Web Page

19th and 20th Century Continental philosophy, focusing on German Idealism (especially Kant and Hegel) and post-structuralism (especially Derrida and Deleuze)



photo of Duff WaringDuff R. Waring

(LL.B., U.N.B.; Ph.D., York)
Undergraduate Program Director, Associate Professor

Email: dwaring@yorku.ca
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Ethics, political philosophy, bioethics, health law and the philosophy of medicine, particularly psychiatry


Associate Members

photo of Brian HussBrian Huss

Assistant Lecturer (Ph.D., Minnesota)

Email: huss@yorku.ca

Epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of time




photo of Joseph KeepingJoseph Keeping

Associate Professor (Ph.D., York)

Email: keeping@yorku.ca
Web Page

Phenomenology, existentialism, philosophy of mind (especially emotions)


photo of Alex ManafuAlex Manafu

(Ph.D., Western)

Email: alexman@yorku.ca
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Philosophy of Science (General, Physics, Chemistry), Metaphysics, Philosophy of Psychology/Psychiatry/Psychotherapy, Philosophical Practice



photo of Stefan RoddeStefan Rodde

(Ph.D., McMaster)

Email: roddesw@yorku.ca
Web Page

Ancient Philosophy, Informal Logic



Members Emeriti

photo of Lorraine CodeLorraine Code

(Ph.D., Guelph, F.R.S.C.)
Distinguished Research Professor Emerita

Email: codelb@yorku.ca

Epistemology, feminist philosophy, and ecological thinking, ethics, political theory, and twentieth century philosophy with special attention to Beauvoir, Foucault, and Wittgenstein


Claudio Duran

(M.A., Chile)

Email: cduran@yorku.ca

Psychoanalytic theory, social and political thought, and on issues of ideology, propaganda and argumentation in the mass media


photo of Michael GilbertMichael A. Gilbert

(Ph.D., Waterloo)
Distinguished Research Professor Emerita

Email: gilbert@yorku.ca
Web Page

Argumentation theory, informal logic, critical reasoning, gender theory, transgender theory


Ian Jarvie

(D. Phil., London; F.R.S.C.)
Managing Editor of the journal Philosophy of the Social Sciences

Email: jarvie@yorku.ca
Web Page

Philosophy of the natural and of the social sciences, philosophy of film


photo of Gerard NaddafGerard Naddaf

(Ph.D. Paris IV: Sorbonne)

Email: naddaf@yorku.ca
Web Page

Ancient Greek philosophy, with a special interest in the origins of philosophy, the Presocratics, and Plato


John O’Neill

(Ph.D., Stanford, F.R.S.C.).

Email: joneill@yorku.ca
Web Page

Textual theory, psychoanalytic approach, theories of desire, Hegel, Lacan, theories of social justice, Liberal-Communitarianism, human capital and social capital-generalized in debates on globalism, cognitivism


Stuart Shanker

(D. Phil., Oxford)
Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus

Email: shanker@yorku.ca

Self-regulation, ape language research, language development, language disorders, and developmental psychology